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UPVC Door and Double-glazing Repairs West Midlands upvc door repair specialistsWith over 160 different types of locking mechanism on the market you need to deal with someone who knows their stuff. You can rest assured that we have the vast majority of all full locking mechanisms that are available to the trade in stock. We even have obsolete mechanisms.

We are probably the area’s biggest mobile carrier of Upvc door locking mechanisms, in fact we’re almost certain of it.

Not to mention our range of cylinders, handles, letterboxes, friction stays and espags.

Lee Clements decided to invest heavily in to the UPVC multipoint locking mechanism market as most of our customers have these aperture types within the area that we cover.

It made sense for us to invest in larger vehicles and carry all the stock to make our customers life easier and get the job done with the minimum of fuss.

Q. Has your door dropped and started catching on to the frame? A. It needs realigning or toe and heeling.

Q. Is it hard to lift the handle or when you do so the hooks/bolts grind in to the frame keeps? A. It needs realigning or toe and heeling – this needs to be done as it could break your mechanism.

Q. You cannot open your door but the key still moves? A. This could be either a cylinder problem or the gearbox on mechanism.

Q. You can lock or open the door but cannot take your key out? A. This is a cylinder problem (slipped cam)

Q. The key just spins around and around? A. This is either a cylinder or gearbox issue.

Q. Handles floppy or not springing back up to neutral position? A. Either Spring cassette in handle broke or gearbox is worn.

Q. Handles or letterbox broken? A. We can replace these for you.

Q. No key to window handle? A. We will open it for you and either cut a key to code or replace the handle and give you new keys.

Q. Window handle moves up and down but the window won’t open? A. This is a failed espag. We will open the window and replace the espag or secure using other methods.

Double Glazed Door Repairs Coventry & Warwickshire

Door jammed and won’t open? upvc-2Lee Clements designed and manufactures the tool that is used by 1000s of locksmiths and home office employees to bypass jammed doors and windows. It’s vitally important to appoint the right locksmith for the job. You’re in safe hands with Clements and we will endeavour to get you back to normal as soon as possible. We can give you these assurances as we carry a massive range of different parts on each of our vans.

Many other locksmiths simply don’t have the parts in stock or the skill to make something else work if the part is obsolete. This can often lead to the requirement of a second visit leaving you more out of pocket and with an unsecured door. We very rarely need to come out twice and on the rare occasion we do it’s at no extra cost to you. It’s really of no benefit to us to come out twice, it’s just more man hours and more diesel for no good reason.

We will always strive to get a job done in one visit unless completely impossible. We work on low fixed prices and wouldn’t dream of penalising a customer because we haven’t got something in stock. Should we have to leave the job for any reason we would never leave your door unsecured, unless you want us to of course!

Our ethos is simple

lock changesWe don’t think it’s fair that you should have to pay more if something
takes longer than we expect. For this reason, we don’t charge by the
hour like many locksmiths, we charge a reasonable fixed rate.

If your door is open but not working properly, we will identify
the problem and if it can be repaired without the need for any
parts we will charge just one standard labour rate to do so.

If the door is open and parts are required to make it work we
will charge a one-off labour rate and the cost of the part.

If your door is jammed shut, we charge a fixed price to open the door
regardless of how long it takes. You then will be given a fixed price to
supply and fit the new part should it require it.

upvc door repairs
upvc door repairs


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