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Ultion lock keys cut on genuine blanks from an authorised dealer – next day NATIONAL delivery

If you require an Ultion Key cutting it is imperative that you use an authorised Ultion Dealer like Clements Locksmiths that is licenced to cut Ultion keys

Authorised Ultion Key cutting centres have a licence number  mine is 101687

Why ?

Because a fake copy key will invalidate your guarantee on the fantastic Ultion Lock

Because Genuine Ultion key blanks only come from the Manufacturer and the Manufacturer will only issue The Genuine Blanks to authorised dealers like Clements Locksmiths.

In this day and age everything can be copied and there are imitation copies out there of the Ultion Lock key – I would say cheap imitation copies but from what I have seen online £15.00 for a key is not cheap at all !! and furthermore the feed back I have received is that theses keys have a high failure rate and do not work very good if at all in the lock.

so how do you know

Ultion Keys cut Coventry

Ultion Key cutting in Coventry, the Midlands and Warwickshire area give us a call – or even if you are struggling to find a local dealer we can help. all we need is your key code that is stamped on the key and an address where to send your keys to ( not a bad idea to get your keys sent to an address that is different to where the said locks are installed – in saying that  they will be sent via next day courier (signed for)

Solidor Doors And Locks

If you have had a Solidor fitted,it has more than likely come with an Ultion Lock & Key!!  We are approved Ultion lock and key suppliers and can 100% Guarantee you that all our Ultion products are genuine direct from the Brisant Ultion factory we do not use copies that will invalidate your Ultion Lock Guarantee.

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