Mobile Key Cutting Service

 Key Cutting Right at Your Door

Are you fed up of wasting time waiting around at a key cutters while your key copies get done? Have you ever got them home or back to your business only to find that they only work half the time or not at all? Clements locksmiths could be the solution to your problems.

We will visit your home or place of work and cut the keys at your door. Once you’ve told us what you what you want you can go back to your business while we cut your keys right on the back of our van.

Before we even think about leaving; your keys will be fully tried and tested in the lock ensuring that you’ve got everything you need without a return visit.

Having us come to you to cut your keys rather than going to a key cutters not only saves you or on employee time but travel expenses also. It also completely eliminates the risk of faulty keys leading to even more wasted time!


Our mobile key cutting unit carries over 5000 key blanks from lockers, safes and cylinders to mortises, cash boxes and padlocks. We stock such a massive range to ensure we always have what our customers need. We want to offer a service that is useful to as many people as possible.

At a very reasonable cost of £45.00 we will cut 5 standard cylinder or Mortice keys right at your door. Each additional key will cost just £5.00. This can be a very cost effective way of getting keys cut; especially for our commercial clients.

When we ask we would ask that keys be readily available to us, either from yourself or to collect at the reception of your business. This is to make sure we get the job done as quickly as possible without wasting any time.

All keys that we cut must be tested before we leave. We wouldn’t expect you to have to call us up and tell us you have a faulty key as this completely defeats the object of the excellent service we are offering. Once you take the keys from us it is deemed they have been confirmed to be working and recalls are not accepted.

If your locks are on a restricted key system and the patent of the key is still in force, it is highly unlikely that we or any other locksmith apart from the initial installer will have the key blank. At the time of requesting our services it is down to you to advise us if the keys are on a restricted system.

If you are unsure you can call us to come out and have a look at your system. This is chargeable at our standard £25.00 security check rate to cover fuel and labor costs. Alternatively you could e-mail a picture to us.

In the event that you do have a restricted lock system we will require a letter of authority from you will be required for us to request key blanks from the manufacturer.

At present we can only cut straight cylinder and Mortice keys from the mobile unit along with Mul–T-Lock Garrison and Integrator. Unfortunately cruciform, dimple, tubular and auto keys are not currently available from the mobile key cutting system.

lock-changes-3Here are some of the key types you might request from us:

  • Safe keys
  • Mortice keys
  • Cylinder keys
  • Garrison keys
  • Fun keys
  • Restricted keys (can not be copied)