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One key fits all locksLet’s start with the basics of advanced key systems. We can install locks in your premises with restricted keys. This means that the keys can only be copied by either us or the manufacturer giving you total key control and peace of mind that no unauthorised copies are out there.

A standard key suite is where each lock has it’s own unique key which will open only that lock. That is the standard configuration of locks but we can offer several more useful options if there are a lot of locks in your home or business. The first and most basic of these options is keying alike. Keying alike is where all locks work from the same key. This a great option for domestic properties – or for those who don’t mind staff having keys to open every lock.

Master Suites

One key fits all locksAnother option available to you is a master suite or grand master suite. This is particularly useful for businesses and other institutions. The idea of a master suite is where locks are split into groups. Each of these groups has it’s own key. But lets say you have 10 groups of locks with 8 locks in each group and it may be the case that you may want someone to be able to open 2 locks in one of the groups. This can be done. You can also have a grand master key perhaps for the boss that opens every single lock in the building. This is where all locks have their own unique key and will not open any other lock apart from the one the key is assigned to Think about it like this; imagine a school with 200 locks. The headmaster would have a key to all 200 locks and the caretaker would have a key to 199 locks to exclude the headmasters office. You might then have the science building with 40 locks. The head of the science department would have a key to every door in the building and each of the teachers would only have a key to unlock their own classroom door. It might be that you want these teachers to have access to certain other rooms like staff rooms, stationery cupboards of first aid rooms. These can all be accessed with their key too. Basically we can make it so that you can limit which members of staff can access which areas of your business whilst holding a key yourself that will open every lock. If you want any more information on keying alike or master key suites, please don’t hesitate to call.


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