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If you need a Locksmith Dorridge Lee Clements and sons provides a fully comprehensive locksmith service covering all of Dorridge and surrounding areas.

Services include; Key Cutting, Lock Fitting, UPVC Door Repairs, Lock Upgrades, Home Entry, Car Key Cutting

I carry full lock stock as well as offering a mobile key cutting service, Be it a problem with your upvc door or a faulty lock I can service and repair this for you.

You may just need your locks in Dorridge replacing quickly or an Emergency locksmith opening service if you are locked out!

I am able to cut your keys for you while I am at your door – also offer you a keying alike service should you require all your locks in your property to work off the same key.

I practice non-destructive entry techniques which means I can gain entry to your property should you be locked out in Dorridge causing no damage and getting you back to normal very quickly

if you require lock upgrades or new locks in I carry a full range of Mortice locks – Night latches – Extra security items and the very important Anti snap locks that are really important to have if you have a upvc door fitted As these doors can be opened in seconds via destructive entry and the Burglars are having a field day at the moment breaking in to houses around Dorridge via this method.

Dorridge Locksmith

If you have a Upvc door it is a very good idea to get it serviced, The locking mechanisms do require a service periodically as they seize up or go out of align having it serviced will prolong the life, But more importantly it will stop it from jamming up when in the locked position – which we attend on a daily basis as we offer an emergency door opening service to jammed up upvc doors in and around Dorridge and surrounding areas

Dorridge Locksmith

if you need a Locksmith In Dorridge please give us a call and I will help you out and see you right maybe just a good idea to put my number in your phone as you never know when you may need me and at least this way if you do find yourself in a locked out situation you are not going to have to take pot luck on finding a locksmith that is part of a national company with high call out rates or what we call in the industry a driller killer ( which basically means a locksmith that turns up to your door that you are locked out on and drills the lock to bits and then charges you a high amount to replace it)

Furthermore we do not state that we are part of a locksmith association that no longer exists or claim to be locksmith of the year if there is such a thing! As a locksmith, Dorridge has been an area I have covered for many years and I have had many great clients from the town. If you are i need of and locksmithing services then please give me a call today to discuss your needs.

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