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Leicester locksmith door and lock repair

if you need a Leicester locksmith door and lock repair  we are now offering a fully comprehensive locksmith service covering all of Leicestershire to include emergency rapid response – of course we just don’t repair locks and faulty doors that are playing up. We can obviously gain entry for you should you be locked out and offer you security upgrades

Security Upgrades

Prevention is far better than cure

Are you in safe hands – I say you were as we actually get involved with Training Leicestershire Police force and have and still do work closely with the method of entry team in developing tools to open locks and gain access rapidly

so again if your looking in to crime prevention we are ideal to advise you on how to prevent you becoming a victim of crime in respect to burglary .we can fit you with anti snap locks and check the that your current locks meet the required insurance standard. if you a student in Leicester we can supply and fit you a lock to your bedroom door.

or maybe your door is just playing up and it needs some attention to bring it back in to line and working correctly

if you need keys cutting we truly do offer you a fully comprehensive locksmith service in Leicester and we are able to cut keys on site for you.

Master key suites

Lots of students and rental properties in Leicester so why don’t you landlords take advantage of our unique grand master fully restricted  key system – what does this mean ?

quite simply all the locks that you own  – you can open with just 1 key – however the tenants key will only open the locks you want them to I.e the main front door and say if its a student property there bedroom door – the other students in the house wont be able to open each others bedroom doors -just there own and the front door. And because its restricted only you can get the key copied, we don’t even need to see the key you just call us up with the key number and we cut to code..

Never pay for another lock change again as what is the norm – you take a £50 deposit and if they lose the key you just call us up and we come out and repine the lock for you so it still works on the suite of locks. but that lost key now becomes redundant. The other keys in the property will still work and wont need to be touched – just the one that is lost wont work Clever Leicester locksmith!!tenant lost there key and is locked out – well if you are under our wing – they call us and we go out and cut a key right there and then and let them in – all part of the service from Leicester locksmith door and lock repair known as clements locksmiths




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