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do you have a jammed up upvc door ?? jammed up upvc door opened and repaired by clements locksmiths

is your upvc double glazed door jammed up in the lock position and you cannot open it – or you can not lock it.!!

From my experience multipoint locking mechanisms also known as Mpl’s have a life span of anything between 10-15 years most of the time you will be given a warning that they are about to fail.As when you lift the handle it will feel clunky or you will feel the gears inside the gear box start to grate – on the same token this should not be confused with bad alignment of the door – where upon the grating you hear or feel when lifting the handle is actually the dead bolt or hooks rubbing against the keeps on the frame. This is an alignment issue and if this is the case it is best to get you door aligned ASAP as forcing the handle up to lock the door can break the MPL.

Getting these doors open when they have failed is an art as basically its down to product knowledge and knowing the Mpl in question tolerances/locking points etc. –  I have made it my business to study these locks and I am very competent in opening and replacing these locking systems and carry a vast amount of stock of the 200+ multi point locking systems on the market today..

if your Mpl is obsolete it is highly likely that I can make something else fit and work thus getting you back to normal quickly, if your door requires new handles or cylinder I am able to supply and fit these. As well as re-align your door to the best of its capabilities so it locks nice and easy.

Don’t worry about being left insecure it is highly likely that once I have opened up your jammed upvc door I will be able to repair it there and then as i carry a lot of stock – in the unlikely event that I don’t have the part on the van or in the workshop I can get it next day delivery and I am always able to leave you secure until I return


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