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A par for the course in today’s society
Long gone are the days when you could keep your door unlocked or a window open in your home. Burglars will seize any opportunity they can to break into your home and unfortunately it’s not just a case of keeping doors and windows locked. The vast majority of break ins that we attend are either through a locked window or through UPVC doors by the methods of lock snapping or bumping. Many people don’t worry so much about the locks on the back of their property but this is where almost all burglars get in.

Clements Locksmiths can secure:need extra security fitting?

We have the knowledge and expertise to make your property far more secure than it probably is now. If you think your door is going to be subject to attack for reasons such as domestic violence or forced entry we can help.

Extra Security Makes All The Difference

There are a whole host of different ways to make your home more secure. Letterbox security and door chains can help but there are some things that every home owner should think about.

If you have UPVC doors, especially French doors you should consider a sash jammer as almost a necessity. This small piece of extra security could make the difference between success and failure for a would be burglar.

Sash jammers can also be used as a temporary security measure in the event that your locks are broken but we wouldn’t recommend this as a long term measure. Using a high quality, high security lock in addition to a sash jammer is the best way to secure your UPVC doors or even windows.

Additional window security in addition to your usual handle locking mechanism should be used. We recommend the Yale 8k101 which are very easy to use and pull the window in nice and tight.

We can advise on the best extra security for your home if you ask us to perform a security check. There are plenty of things we can do and we carry everything on the van so we can do it there and then.


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